Saturday, April 5, 2014

Time for a tune up!

Well we made it!  Winter is officially over.  Spring has arrived...finally.  Warmer temperatures are finally on the way.  For motorcycles owners, that means it's time to get your bike ready to hit the roads, highways and byways.  Of course, that also means we have to make sure our cruisers are ready to go.  Most of us in cold weather climates have had their bikes sitting in their garages or storage units for months.  The batteries must be charged, the fluids checked, and the tires inspected.  In some cases, like mine, I even had to get the bike state inspected because my license plate tags were due to expire.  I also discovered it was time for a new front tire.  But now I'm ready.  Ready to head out and hit the open road!  Smell the fresh air and feel the breeze rush past your face.  There's nothing quite like the experience of a motorcycle ride.  So good riddance winter.  You will not be missed.  It's riding season now!