Saturday, June 11, 2016


When does summer begin?  Or should I rephrase the question:  when does summer begin for you?  For my children, summer begins when school lets out at the end of the 2nd semester, which was on May 23rd this year.  For many people, Memorial Day weekend is thought of as the beginning of summer.  That was May 30th this year.  For some people it doesn't seem like summer until that first 90 degree day.  That was yesterday, June 10th.  For the purists, summer doesn't begin until the solstice, which will be June 20th this year.  When I was growing up, I was taught that summer begins on June 21st and ends on September 21st.  Now it seems to change from year to year as we are more exact in our measurements of time.  For a few, summer doesn't begin until you take your vacation from work and go on a trip out of town.  I guess it really doesn't matter, unless you make calendars.  Enjoy the warm weather and time off of work.  Slow down and enjoy the enjoyment!